Brandenburg send metal work to China and make £500k investment into Black Country Press Shop ‘Caucus’


It’s been a long time since a UK manufacturer has been able to boast of sending metal work to China, but it’s something that Brandenburg UK Ltd has been able to do in 2011. Now with a further investment of £500K into new machinery and equipment, the company is looking to make an impact closer to home by supplying local companies with quality metal parts and finished goods made in its press shop.

Brandenburg UK Ltd and its’ group of companies has developed a global reputation for innovation and engineering quality through the design, manufacture and supply of high quality pest control and hygiene equipment to 115 countries worldwide.

With investment in new plant equipment, the company’s capability and capacity in providing sub contract work including the provision of metal parts, and finished goods to customers, has vastly increased. Delivered through Caucus a division of Brandenburg, the company is seeking to deliver the same exceptional quality and service to its customers as in its core market. The press shop at Brandenburg, is home to highly efficient, state of the art press shop equipment, which enables us to manufacture orders for customers three times faster than using our previous equipment whilst using less power. We are able to pass these savings on to our customers and offer comparative pricing to those offered by offshore manufacturers but with all the benefits of working with a local, quality orientated British owned organisation.

We are able to offer:

Sheet metal punching, bending, inserting and spot welding
Powder coating, anodising and
screen printing
Assembly work
Quantities from 1 to 5000 units
Quick Lead Times
Sample Parts in 5 days
3D CAD and modelling facilities
Re-engineering of existing parts to help reduce unit costs

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